Full explanation of the ownership of a vine row

1. Become a vine row owner
2. Wine o’clock/How to pick wine
3. Time to shine!
4. Some additional information concerning the rows

1 – Become a vine row owner

In our vineyard you can become, or make someone the symbolical owner of a vine row. In order to become a said owner you have to fill out the subscription form and fulfill the payment. A vine row costs € 1000,00 for which you get a total worth of € 1250,00 back in wine over the span of 3 years. During those 3 years you will be able to pick twice a year. In other words you get to pick wine 6 times. And each time will be for a total worth of approximately € 210,00. We say approximately because € 1250,00 divided by 6 does not equal € 210,00. So if each time you pick an exact € 210,00 worth of wine. The 6th time you will have € 200,00 left to pick wine for.

Now you might wonder, what happens if you pick more or less than the allowed € 210,00? Or if you skip 1 time or more? No worries here is an explanation for each case :

If you spend less than the allowed, the saldo you didn’t spend remains on your vine row.

Example : You have a spent an exact € 210,00 the first time (So your total saldo is € 1250,00 -210 = 1040,00). And are now picking for the second time but you only pick for € 180,00. You saldo will now be € 1040,00 -180 = 860,00. The € 40,00 that you didn’t spend will remain with your total saldo and can be spend another time.

If you spend more that the allowed saldo, you will just have to pay the difference separately.

Example : You picked for € 236,00 instead of the maximum allowed € 210,00. You will have to pay the € 26,00 difference. We will only substract the allowed sum from your saldo which in this case is € 210,00.

We totally understand that you might not need wine twice a year, or are just too busy to pick. If you happen to miss one or more of the picking opportunities, your saldo will just remain as it is.

Example : Your current saldo is € 886,00 and you miss or can’t pick wine. It will still remain at € 886,00. We will only substract saldo that you spend and nothing more. So even if you miss several times, it will remain as it is. You vine row will remain as long as there is saldo on it.

Note : We often get asked if it is possible to pick up for several missed times. The answer is yes, but only for a maximum of € 420,00 so for one missed time. Even if you miss or skip 4 times it will only be possible to pick for a maximum of € 420,00. If you want to be able to pick more each time you can buy additional vine rows to achieve that.

2 – Wine o’clock/How to pick wine for your vine row

Congratulations first of all! Because at this stage you are already a vine owner ! 🎉

So you have filled out the subscription form and now want to get your first wine for your vine row. You have 2 options to do this : Offline or Online.

This is probably the most fun and enjoyable option. Twice a year we organize a pick tasting event in Holland. During that event you can taste all our current wines and enjoy some other delicious products that we bring along with us. And it is possible to buy our wines there as well, or if you are a vine row owner like yourself pick up wine. We will always send you an invite by email to notify you when such an event is going to happen. You can also chen the agenda on our main website.

We understand that sometimes it is simply impossible for you to attend on of the events because you’re busy or simply living too far away. Then this option is for you. If you know you can’t attend one of the events but still want wine you can contact us and we will send you a coupon to spend in our webshop.

Note 1 : When picking the online option, you will have to pay the shipping costs yourself. Or you can shop some extra wine on top of the selected wine for your vine row to void the shipping costs. The webshop will give you an exact estimate.

Note 2 : If you are not an owner yet and are deciding to become one by filling out the form. We will ask near the end of the process how you would like to pick your first wine. So if you select online then, it is not necessary to contact us, we will contact you with a coupon to get the first wine.

3 – Time to shine!

So now you know pretty much all the boring details of the ownership. So we can finally talk about the fun part of it!😎

So you’re currently sitting with some friends holding a glass of (y)our wine. And are in need to brag about those vines you own in France. Well we got just the thing! For each vine row you buy we create a wooden sign with whatever inscription you want on it and then upload a photo on this website for you to download and show off! Also, if you bought your vine row through our website you will also get a “Certificate of Ownership” as well, which will look great above your fireplace. In other words, time to shine!

Note : Do keep in mind that we cannot make a sign appear out of thin air straight away after your subscription. During winter we usually remove all the signs from the rows to preserve them. And create the new ones. But we will only hang them during spring and summer to take the photos and show them to the world. So it might take a bit of time before you get the actualy photo if you subscribe during autumn for example.

4 – Additional information concerning the ownership of a vine row

Last but not least, it is important to mention that any other sales or deals that might be going on do no apply to vine row owners. You will probably understand that we cannot apply a sale on top of a sale.

And last but not least, a vine row which has saldo will always remain. You can take as much time as you want to finish the saldo that is on it.

You now know everything there is to know about the ownership of a vine row! So if you haven’t already done so, here is another link to the subscription form 😉

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