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No, there is only a minimum amount of years that you have to respect which is 3 years (So around € 210,00 twice per year). If it takes you longer that is no problem, your vine row will stay right where it is until you finish the saldo.

Yes, it is possible to own more than 1 vine row.

The total amount of wine you get is obviousely the same for each row. But it will mean that twice per year you’ll be able to bring home wine for each row you own so : € 210,00 x the amount of rows you own.

Each year you are allowed to spend a maximum of € 420,00 which has to be spent in 2 times. So € 210,00 twice per year.

If can’t come to a tasting event or forget to spend your coupon. Your saldo will remain as it is and we will allow you to pick up some extra wine the next time we have an event. Do note that the maximum we will allow to take with you if you don’t come to an event is € 420,00. So let’s say you missed 1 time the next time you’ll be allowed to take for € 420,00. If you miss 2 or 3 times it is still € 420,00.

The vine row is yours and so is the wine you pick with it, so if you wish to share wine with friends that is of course allowed and even encouraged 😉 If you want a friend to pick up wine on your behalf please let us know by email so that we are aware.

Yes it is possible to split a row between several people. However how you share/split the wine is completely up to you and also your responsibility.

If you happen to pick more wine than your saldo allows you just have to pay the difference. If you spend less, the remainder of saldo for that time just stays where it is. In other words what you don’t spend can be spent another time.

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